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Workout of the Day
Warm Ups Series A (Granbys)
A1a – Knee to knee
A1b – Butt to butt
A2Bot – Bump, Run, Granby
A2Top – Double Unders, Hip Heist, Baby Wipe Pass
A3Bot – Secure Wrist, Look Away, Knee to Knee Granby
A3Top – Spiral Ride, Wrestler’s Switch after reversal
A4 – Shoot, Sprawl, Peak out

Warm Ups Series B (Hail Mary)
B1Top – Straight Ankle Lock (IBJJF Style
B1Bot – Clear foot from hip, hop over, mount
B2Top – Heel Toss, Rolling kimura, Back Take, RNC, Seatbelt
B2Bot – Save Haven Escape
B3 – Sprawl, Marcelotine, Arm-In Guillotine, Sweep to Mount, Mounted Marcelotine
B4Top – Rolling Toe Hold from Z-Guard
B4Bot – Straighten Leg, Post on hand, Open Oppon. Elbow, Kick Free, Hide legs, Escape to Side control

Warm Ups Series C (Pressure Passes)
C1Top – Kneeling M1 from Z-guard, Knee on Belly, Judo Side
C1Bot – Recover Full Guard
C2Top – Fly Over, Judo Side, Twister Side
C2Bot – Heisman Escape
C3Top – Flip Over, North/South
C3Bot – B Smith
C4Top – Chest Pass, Knee on Belly, Spinning Arm Bar
C4Bot – Corkscrew Escape